New Candles

Today we were at the Hope Center in Kubwa to talk with them about the preparations for the Christmas Bazaar. For the first time the sisters will get their own booth; up to now they always were together with the Berger Ladies.

Unfortunately Sister Victoria was not around. She is in charge of the Christmas Bazaar and responsible for the products they are selling. We will come back next week.

We had the possibility to visit the workshops and saw that they have new designs for candles.

After breakfast the grown up children went back to their work.  They did batik dyeing today.

Amazing, or!?


End of term at BEMA School

We were able to pay a visit to the BEMA School just before the beginning of the summer holidays and bring some small gifts for the children as well as for the teachers.

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Apples and biscuits for the students and rice for the staff.

During our visit we were also able to examine the new safety shutters which will hopefully prevent theft of school supplies in future. We had made this a condition for further donations for classroom materials and also funded them.

School bags for Hope Eden

This week we made school bags for Hope Eden…
The school year is ending and a new school year is going to come soon; with new pupils and they need new school bags.

We looked for old fabrics, found some sponsors for fabrics and then we got started.

And this is the result, small bags for pencils and small things for writing.

This is how they look when the big bags are ready, square with inside fitting, practical and attractive. And the children are happy.

New students for Bema School

This is Idris Sakari, he has been a student at the Bema School since February 2017.  He is 26 years old and belongs to the Foulani tribe; they live as seminomads in wide parts of Nigeria. His village is close to the school.
His greatest desire was to learn how to read and write and we gladly found a sponsor for him who pays his school fees.

Idris is a very good student.  At our last visit in May he showed us his exercise books and very proudly read to us.
He really enjoys school, he is always the first in the morning and has not  missed school for a single day.
The teachers are very satisfied with his progress.

It was on this occasion that the Bema School agreed to start a particular school class for adults.

Apparently news spread quickly and a young Foulani girl appeared in the classroom, also with the wish to visit the school.

Shafa Atu is 19 years old and speaks Hausa. Her first task will be to learn English with the help of the teacher and her classmate.

The formalities were completed promptly, a sponsor was easily found, the teacher welcomed her at Bema School and presented her with an exercise book and pencils.

We would love to give more children and adults the opportunity to visit a school and are grateful for any donations.

Café am See

Our “Café am See” last Sunday was another great success. We collected almost 300.000 Naira. Thanks for all the help and support!

The funds will be distributed to selected schools for a celebration or for small gifts for the students on graduation day.