Solar system up and running

Last year we were able to support the purchasing and installation of a brand new solar system at the MeCAHT Safehouse GLL.

The Safehouse could now be disconnected from NEPA, the national power supplier which is very expensive, has dangerous overloads at times and  a very unstable network (Never Expect Power Always).

Their residents enjoy electricity at any time and the monthly running cost of the property could be reduced significant.


Graduation Celebration 2018

The Graduation Celebration 2018 took place again in July.

The new pupils were presented.

And they said “Good Bye” to the teenagers.

Every class had prepared a performance as a roll playing game, a fery tale, a dance or a song. A colourful spectacle.

And it is clear, that the families of the pupils joint the Celebration and looked forward to each performance.

Fish pond at Hope Center is ready!

We reported last time, that Sister Victoria is planing to build a pond for breading fish. Now it is ready and filled with plenty swimming animals.

This time we also took a look at the snails, that they are breading as well.

The teenagers were grating coconuts. Another great new idea how to take in cash.


New chilling area for the Bema School

We are also supporting the Bema School in 2018. The first 2 small projects are already finished:

A new outdoor chilling area, where the children can read a book in the shade or                perform a song  or do some role play.

Second project is the renovation of a smaller school building. It got new paint inside and outside and new suspended ceilings.

Happy children say “Thank you!!

Eggs for refugees

It happens from time to time, that Annegret has so many eggs from her chicken, that she can not sell all.

The priest, who also has a house on her compound takes care for refugees in a camp near Abuja. They are coming from the North and East of Nigeria, fleeing from Boko Haram.

He had the idea to deliver these eggs to the refugee camp.

We thought it was a great idea and bought the eggs.

Annegret and the priest took care that the eggs arrived there. And the eggs were accepted gladly.

Sorry for the bad quality, but we only got that photo.

New Paint for the Bema School

It happened finally at the end of last year. Raining season had ended and the school building got a new painting,

We were very happy to get white paint for free from the manufacturer. So we only had to take care for the coloured paints. We found another company to sent us a painter for the labour. After only 2 weeks the school building shone in calourful blue and white and the classrooms in brilliant yellow.

At our last visit in the Bema School Mr. Benedict told us, that he got many new pupils this year. He thinks it comes from the new colouring, because no other school nearby looks so nice and need.


Beading at the Safehouse

The residents at the MeCAHT Safehouse are currently learning how to bead. We have helped them to sell some of their produce and reinvested the earnings in new materials.

Beading skills will enable them to generate income for themselves in the future.

The necklaces that they are producing are sold to help with running cost of the safehouse such as for feeding, diesel for the generator, water and more.

Cooking at Hope Eden

The school building was finished last year and one of the last rooms that got ready is the class for home economics. We are very proud that we can support Annegret this year again by buying the equipment for the kitchen.

The pupils can here learn to cook, to crochet or knit or do other exercises.

In the first lesson we made pancakes. We bought all equipment and ingredients that were needed.

2 Girls and 6 boys looked forward to do their first pancake.

All was mixed in a bowl and went into the pan.

At the end all children were happy to have a great lunch.

Christmas Basaar 2017

Saturday 2 weeks ago it started again. Our Christmas Basar!

For 3 month we we did handicrafts, sewed, pottered about, croched and knitted, baked and cooked, so we were able to present our goods on 5 booths.

Like always it was a very nice event with many guests from all over the world. With the generated money we are very satisfied and will be able to effect a lot.

We will report to you what we are going to do with the money.




Farming at Hope Center

Last week we went again to Hope Center to meet Sister Victoria there and talk about the preparations for the Christmas Bazaar.

We met Sister Brenda (the Irish director) as well and they showed us their latest project: Farming.

In a small greenhouse they grow fruits, vegetables and herbs.

In the garden we find  orange and lemon trees.

They have big, fat chicken.

They are selling all these products to markets and hotels nearby. And I forgot, they have snails as well.

The next project will be small fish pool.

And last but not least Sister Victoria with her pupils on their way to batic dyeing.