New Head Teacher´s House

Annegret built at Hope Eden a house for the new nigerian headteacher and his family and we were happy to help her with it.

We supported Tina again with a monthly amount to help her to make life a little bit easier.

In summer time we bought eggs from Annegret for the refugees in Abuja and the priest who is living at Annegrets farm distributed it.

Unfortunately, we can not travel to Annegret anymore without military police, so we had to stop our cooking lesson at school.

1st Bazaar of Hope Eden School

The pupils from Hope Eden do not only learn theory, but also vocational skills. They learn for example cooking, knitting, farming or crafting. The things, they produced were sold on a bazaar in April 2019.

The keys for the opening of the bazaar were brought by this young ladies:

Many different things were offered in the courtyard of the school:

Additionally they sold muffins, plants, postcards, notebooks and lemon tea.

Really nice creative ideas!

We loved their body paintings.

And many came to visit the bazaar.


Christmas Coral at Hope Eden

We were inviteted to the Christmas Coral for the 2nd time and here images tell their own stories. It is unbelievable what wonderfull stories the children perform with very simple aid. And the colourful suits and outfits of the children and their parents are always like a fire work of colours.

Graduation Celebration 2018

The Graduation Celebration 2018 took place again in July.

The new pupils were presented.

And they said “Good Bye” to the teenagers.

Every class had prepared a performance as a roll playing game, a fery tale, a dance or a song. A colourful spectacle.

And it is clear, that the families of the pupils joint the Celebration and looked forward to each performance.

Eggs for refugees

It happens from time to time, that Annegret has so many eggs from her chicken, that she can not sell all.

The priest, who also has a house on her compound takes care for refugees in a camp near Abuja. They are coming from the North and East of Nigeria, fleeing from Boko Haram.

He had the idea to deliver these eggs to the refugee camp.

We thought it was a great idea and bought the eggs.

Annegret and the priest took care that the eggs arrived there. And the eggs were accepted gladly.

Sorry for the bad quality, but we only got that photo.

Cooking at Hope Eden

The school building was finished last year and one of the last rooms that got ready is the class for home economics. We are very proud that we can support Annegret this year again by buying the equipment for the kitchen.

The pupils can here learn to cook, to crochet or knit or do other exercises.

In the first lesson we made pancakes. We bought all equipment and ingredients that were needed.

2 Girls and 6 boys looked forward to do their first pancake.

All was mixed in a bowl and went into the pan.

At the end all children were happy to have a great lunch.

School bags for Hope Eden

This week we made school bags for Hope Eden…
The school year is ending and a new school year is going to come soon; with new pupils and they need new school bags.

We looked for old fabrics, found some sponsors for fabrics and then we got started.

And this is the result, small bags for pencils and small things for writing.

This is how they look when the big bags are ready, square with inside fitting, practical and attractive. And the children are happy.