Donations for new MeCAHT Center


Two weeks ago we paid a visit to the Safehouse and the new Center of MeCAHT to present some donations in kind. The new Center functions as an extension of the Safehouse. It accommodates not only women with children but also staff quarters, an office and training facilities.

We were able to hand over a fridge, a freezer, a TV and two AC units for the new building. All these items were left overs (have not been picked up by the winners) from last years christmas raffle.

Further we could deliver some donations of clothes ad shoes to the residents of the Safehouse.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed!



Solar system up and running

Last year we were able to support the purchasing and installation of a brand new solar system at the MeCAHT Safehouse GLL.

The Safehouse could now be disconnected from NEPA, the national power supplier which is very expensive, has dangerous overloads at times and  a very unstable network (Never Expect Power Always).

Their residents enjoy electricity at any time and the monthly running cost of the property could be reduced significant.


Beading at the Safehouse

The residents at the MeCAHT Safehouse are currently learning how to bead. We have helped them to sell some of their produce and reinvested the earnings in new materials.

Beading skills will enable them to generate income for themselves in the future.

The necklaces that they are producing are sold to help with running cost of the safehouse such as for feeding, diesel for the generator, water and more.