Sports Meeting at Bema School

The Ladies were invited from Mr. and Mrs. Benedict to join the yearly Sports Meeting.

We were warmly welcomed by these gentleman and found out that they were mascots for the 4 teams.

Berger Ladies sponsored the trophies:

After a looooong opening ceremony with performances from different tribes….

…the sports activities started.

And all had a lot of fun.




1st Bazaar of Hope Eden School

The pupils from Hope Eden do not only learn theory, but also vocational skills. They learn for example cooking, knitting, farming or crafting. The things, they produced were sold on a bazaar in April 2019.

The keys for the opening of the bazaar were brought by this young ladies:

Many different things were offered in the courtyard of the school:

Additionally they sold muffins, plants, postcards, notebooks and lemon tea.

Really nice creative ideas!

We loved their body paintings.

And many came to visit the bazaar.


Donations for new MeCAHT Center


Two weeks ago we paid a visit to the Safehouse and the new Center of MeCAHT to present some donations in kind. The new Center functions as an extension of the Safehouse. It accommodates not only women with children but also staff quarters, an office and training facilities.

We were able to hand over a fridge, a freezer, a TV and two AC units for the new building. All these items were left overs (have not been picked up by the winners) from last years christmas raffle.

Further we could deliver some donations of clothes ad shoes to the residents of the Safehouse.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed!



Christmas Coral at Hope Eden

We were inviteted to the Christmas Coral for the 2nd time and here images tell their own stories. It is unbelievable what wonderfull stories the children perform with very simple aid. And the colourful suits and outfits of the children and their parents are always like a fire work of colours.

New Selling Hits in Hope Center

Christmas Holidays are over and all Ladies are back.

We were looking forward today to our visit in Hope Center and were surprised about so many new things to sell in a newly built shop.

They now sell coconut oil, dresses made of their nice batik fabrics, handbags with shoes fitting to it, aprons, eggs……

It is every time so interesting to see what new ideas Sister Victoria has.

Sister Brenda left in January and Sister Victoria took over. Again we were overwhelmed from the kindness and the warmth the teachers take care of the children.

When we came they were playing soccer all together.

and later we saw them baking cookies.

In the shop we found at the end this wonderful postcards.





Solar system up and running

Last year we were able to support the purchasing and installation of a brand new solar system at the MeCAHT Safehouse GLL.

The Safehouse could now be disconnected from NEPA, the national power supplier which is very expensive, has dangerous overloads at times and  a very unstable network (Never Expect Power Always).

Their residents enjoy electricity at any time and the monthly running cost of the property could be reduced significant.


Graduation Celebration 2018

The Graduation Celebration 2018 took place again in July.

The new pupils were presented.

And they said “Good Bye” to the teenagers.

Every class had prepared a performance as a roll playing game, a fery tale, a dance or a song. A colourful spectacle.

And it is clear, that the families of the pupils joint the Celebration and looked forward to each performance.

Fish pond at Hope Center is ready!

We reported last time, that Sister Victoria is planing to build a pond for breading fish. Now it is ready and filled with plenty swimming animals.

This time we also took a look at the snails, that they are breading as well.

The teenagers were grating coconuts. Another great new idea how to take in cash.


New chilling area for the Bema School

We are also supporting the Bema School in 2018. The first 2 small projects are already finished:

A new outdoor chilling area, where the children can read a book in the shade or                perform a song  or do some role play.

Second project is the renovation of a smaller school building. It got new paint inside and outside and new suspended ceilings.

Happy children say “Thank you!!